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Understanding Music Theory

Understand the underlying concepts covering music theory today! In this video, you may understand the musical alphabet, chords, intervals, inversions, melodies, scales, modulation, borrowing, modes, and more!

Effective Practice of Musical Instruments

While playing an instruments, our brain is training visual, auditory and motor skills, and simultaneously engaging our emotions, an exceptional situation which can be described as a firework of the brain.

What Is Music Technology

Music Technology meaning – Music Technology definition – Music Technology explanation. What is Music Technology? What does Music Technology mean? Music Technology meaning – Music Technology definition – Music Technology explanation.

Music Theory

Basic Dynamics in Music Theory Tutorial

Music theory can be quite complex. There are many different types of music theory concepts, each with its own rules and guidelines. Knowing which ones to learn first is key to getting on the path to becoming a better musician. Don’t make it Hard for Yourself On the other hand, if you’re just trying to […]

Basic Rhythms You Need Before Learning An Instrument

Tempo is the music’s speed or pulse. Fast tempos are typically exciting, while slower tempos can have a calming effect. The rhythm is how the tempo is divided into individual pulses or beats. In popular music, it typically consists of a repeating 4-bar pattern containing 8 beats (or 16 quarter notes), commonly referred to as […]

Relaxing with Flowers, Plants, and Soft Music

Feeling stressed out? Then create a relaxing time with flowers, plants, and soft music. Give yourself time and attention so that you can rest and relax more. You can take long baths and indulge in a cozy and warm environment. Flowers and plants you can get from forever roses UK can be helpful because they radiate a sense of calm and provide many more benefits. Play soft music in the background for a more calming effect.

Create a Cozy and Warm Atmosphere

Turn your bathroom into a pleasant and relaxing environment. There are a number of ways to make your bathroom more pleasant. One way you can achieve this is by lighting candles and playing soft music. You can also add plants to the room for some extra color and life.

Flowers are a great way to lift the mood and create a sense of happiness. Flowers can also improve mental health and increase your productivity. Indoor plants are beneficial for many reasons, and one of the most significant is their ability to clean the air in a room. Plants have been known to remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and xylene from the air. They also create oxygen that reduces headaches and other symptoms associated with high levels of carbon dioxide. Not all plants are good for bathrooms. There is a lot of humidity, poor light, and low airflow. Plants like Anthurium and Orchid flourish in this environment!

Bath in a Sea of Flowers

It’s a trend that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The idea is to soak yourself in a tub filled with water and flowers. It’s said that this bath will help you relax and rejuvenate, even if the tub is only for a portion of the day. Rose petals are known to have a calming and beautifying effect on the skin. It also has a refreshing scent. It’s widely used as a beauty treatment for its effectiveness in helping to reduce acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. You can also use rose water to make your own beauty products such as masks, scrubs, lotions, body wash, and more!

Face Mask While Bathing

An ideal skincare regime is one that balances moisture and exfoliation. A warm mask is a great way to hydrate and invigorate the skin. It also opens pores, allowing essential ingredients to be absorbed more easily. Moisturize with a cream or serum before applying the mask for maximum effect.

Soft Music for Better Relaxation

Relaxing music is very personal. One is completely relaxed to classical music and the other is completely relaxed to soothing pop songs. Listening to soothing music has a calming effect on the body. Your body produces endorphins, the happy hormones, and the production of stress hormones decreases. It will make you feel happier and more comfortable. For complete relaxation, choose a song that starts at about 60 bpm and slows down to about 50 bpm after a few minutes. Your heart rate will automatically adjust and you will be completely relaxed. Breathing calms, muscle tension relaxes, and heart rate and blood pressure drop.

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More recent research has shown that tempo also plays an important role. Slow tempo music relaxes you. What speed is best then? Take your resting heart rate as a guideline. For most people, this is about 60 bpm.

6 Social Tips for Artists



PRE-SAVE MY NEW TRACK! MY NEW TRACK IS OUT! STREAM NOW! I regularly see these kinds of posts on social media. Artists who release a track shout it from the rooftops the week before release, hoping that their followers will flock to Spotify. But after the release date, it remains eerily quiet on the account. Chances are that their followers don’t even get to see this sales post (long live the algorithm) or that they have forgotten who the artist is again. Logical, because it only makes itself heard when something has to be sold.


So unless your name is Ed Sheeran or Adele, you’ll need to use your social media more actively, personally, and meaningfully to reach your followers. After all: the people who follow you are the people who will soon be streaming your music, being at the front of your shoe, and buying your merchandise. Aside from getting help from SMM services , I would like to give you 6 tips to profile yourself as an artist online and turn your followers into fans.


On Instagram and TikTok, it’s all about authenticity: being yourself. Your (potential) fans use social media to be entertained. That does not (necessarily) mean that you have to do dances on TikTok or reveal your entire private life, but it must be interesting for followers to view your post. Because it makes them happy, something of learning or being touched, by you. The great thing is: that you are an artist, so entertaining is in your DNA. For good and entertaining content ideas how not to look far, because the basics are already there: your music!


Ask yourself why people follow you on social media… Exactly: they love you as an artist and they want to hear and see more of you and your music. So take them there and document, don’t create. Don’t just post the perfect end result of a song, but also show the way to it. Turn your followers into a fly on the wall: take them into the studio, show them a writing session or the exciting moment when you check whether your single has made it to New Music Friday. And show that single not only in the final version but also acoustically, in the bathroom or on your balcony. Make your followers witness to your growth process as an artist, which you also go through on that side and with your followers.


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“Do I have to do covers?” I hear you think. Short answer: no, nothing has to be done. The most important thing is that you make the music you want to make. Longer answer: It often works. Recording a successful song by another artist contributes to your reach, popularity, and recognisability on social media. Not infrequently, an artist scores the biggest hit with a cover. Always make sure that the song fits your own music and contributes to what you want to radiate as an artist so that new followers remain interested in you as an artist even after the cover. And above all, put your own spin on the song: TikTok is not karaoke.


Good content immediately gets to the point. In half a second, you need to make it clear what people can expect from your content. And that applies to both your current followers and the careless FYP scrollers. A mic in a shock mount with a pop filter in the picture arouses interest, but if there is first an instrumental intro of 10 seconds, people are long gone. Also bad for the TikTok algorithm, which largely runs on the completion rate of a video. The longer someone watches your video, the higher the algorithm values that video. You, therefore, want to prevent dropping out as much as possible. So: don’t bore us, straight to the chorus. It will hurt your artist’s heart, but on social media, short snippets of your song work better to hold the attention. Moreover, it “forces” people to go to Spotify or Apple Music for listening to the whole song.


Use different POVs (points of view) when you post a video of your song. The song probably has a specific meaning for you. But in order to reach a large audience with your song, it is good to let go of that personal interpretation a bit. Zoom out: could that text about that first meeting with a loved one, for example, also be about the birth of a child? Or about the day someone was allowed to pick up his puppy, or visited her homeland? By posting the same video from multiple POVs, you’ll keep talking to new people.


Shouting from the rooftops that your new track is out is of course also good. You have worked hard for it and would like as many people as possible to listen to it. If you still like STREAM NOW! then stick to 3:1: opposite three posts with personal content, there is one sales post. Always give more than you ask – so do Ed and Adele. Good luck!

Ways Artists Make Money From Streaming

Most people are aware that when their music is heard on sites such as Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and Tidal artists get paid. However, most of us are unaware of the specifics as to how these payments operate, which can occasionally result in misunderstandings. Additionally, many if not most artists will necessarily get compensated equally over the same number of segments.

Let’s delve in and dissect some key tenets that govern how musicians get compensated for streaming their music.


You might be curious to know: Where does the initial funding for royalties come from? In essence, the streaming services set aside a portion of their earnings to pay royalties.

There are two primary ways that streaming platforms can make money:


Users of the portal must pay a monthly membership fee in order to access the music there. This is referred to as a Premium package as well.


While using the site, users do not give any money; instead, they view and/or hear advertisements. For exposure to viewers, advertising pay the streaming platform. It’s sometimes referred to as a Freemium model.

While some services, such Apple Music or Tidal, solely offer premium plans, others, like Spotify or Deezer, offer combined Freemium and Premium alternatives.

The Social Media Commandments For Musicians

As a musician, you can use social media in two ways: one right and one wrong. The assumption that you can achieve quick and easy success here could not be more wrong. Successful use of social media means using clever strategies to promote your music

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Social media do’s and don’ts for musicians

You’re supposed to tell the whole story

Share not only your music but also your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on tour, recording, partying or even taking a break at the motorway service station, your social media channels should give an insight into your everyday life. Professional live shots are great. But the behind-the-scenes look is what interests people the most. Use your social networks to give all followers a backstage pass. You can take advantage of buy Instagram likes platforms to reach your followers.

Thou shalt not spam

Don’t bombard your audience with hundreds of self-promotional messages and annoying requests to buy your album. There’s enough of that already. It might get you brief peaks of attention. But in the long run, people will turn away from you when nothing more comes from you.

You should use social media for networking

Other acts in your musical niche are not your enemies. They are part of the same community as you. Follow them, and discuss with them. This can result in gigs, you can come to events or entire tours. If you see a band from your virtual circle of friends playing near you, go. Make connections in real life and see what comes of it. If you support musicians in your circle, they will support you too. In other words, build the scene you want to be part of.

Thou shalt follow back

If someone invests the time to follow your account, he or she will probably like your profile and your music or brand. You should too. See who’s following you, and as long as they don’t look like spammers, follow them too. It’s just a matter of courtesy.

Thou shalt not use a hundred different names

Funny account names are funny. But if you’re a musician, you’ll be hard to find. Name all your accounts like your stage name or that of your band. If the name is already taken, make sure you get as close as you can.  If a potential fan doesn’t find you, they will remain just a potential fan forever.

Bringing Music, Arts & Food Together

For the whole day – or a week – community festivities transform public spaces into oasis of fun, with a focus or common point that typically develops into various sensory experiences. Food and art vendors are common at music festivals. Real – time music and food sellers add to the creative excitement at art festivals. Good bands and art are featured during food festivals.

Here’s a taste of what’s going on in the area.

Art Crawl in Springville

When: June 4, 2022 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Where: Main Street in Springville

The Springville Center for the Arts hosts an annual art crawl in which local businesses show artwork in their windows and retailers stay open late. All of the artwork on show has been juried, is for sale, and was made by artists from Western New York.

Allentown Art Festival

When: June 11 – 12, 2022 from 11 am – 6 pm

Where: Allentown

The Allentown Art Festival has long rows of white tents containing roughly 350 artists and crafters will be set up. There will be cuisine from local eateries as well as carnival-style handheld favorites in addition to the arts.

Festival of the Arts

When: August 27, 2022 from 10 am – 6 pm & August 28, 2022 from 10 am – 5 pm

Where: Elmwood Avenue

This charming, family-oriented festival returns to Elmwood Avenue along West Ferry Street & Lafayette Avenue after a two-year break. In the Kidsfest, you can expect high-quality art, handcrafted crafts, and jewelry in a variety of media, as well as kid crafts made with all-natural substances and hand tools.

Why Creating Music and Art is the Best Way to Express Emotions?

Creativity is key to helping you understand and deal with the difficult times in your life. When we are sad, creating something can help us process our feelings, come to terms with what we’re going through, and find a way to move on.

Why Create Art and Music to Express yourself?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional artist: it’s never too late to pick up the paint brush (or any other art supplies) and express your emotions through art. As they say, art speaks louder than words.

Therefore, if you feel trapped in the darkness of sadness and loneliness but don’t know how to get out of there, here are some reasons why creating music and art is the best way to express yourself.

They can be a Coping Mechanism

As we mentioned above, if you’re in a creative slump, it can be a sign that there are other things on your mind – things that you’re not dealing with. So when you start creating again, you may find yourself creating music that is about the emotions you’re dealing with. Who knows, you or someone might see potential in your work and hire SEO services Toronto to market your work and make money from it.

If you’re going through some difficult times, you may also find yourself creating something that helps you cope with it. Art and music therapy has been proven to be a way of coping with illnesses and mental health conditions.

They help You Process Your Feelings

Creating art can help you process all the feelings you’re going through. Let’s say you’re feeling really sad because someone you love has passed away. You can write about it, draw about it, and paint about it. You can also listen to sad music and write about how it makes you feel. And you can do the same with happy, joyful music and art.

You can write about how you feel when you listen to a song that brings you joy, or paint how you feel when you’re with someone you love. And you can also do that with sad songs, and paintings. Art and music are great ways to process your feelings because you can use colors, shapes, and sounds to convey everything you’re feeling.

A Sneak Peek to the Israel Goldman Collection

The collection appeared more like glancing at the art of an illustrator and humorist than a fine artist, even though Kyosai is considered a close descendant of Hokusai.

Kawanabe Kyosai (1831-1889), one of Japan’s most prominent master painters, was known for his adventurous streak and amusing work throughout his lifetime. His influence can still be found in comics and tattoo art.

The Israel Goldman Collection at the Royal Academy

In Kyosai’s first UK show in nearly three decades, the Royal Academy is exhibiting a diverse assortment of his work from the art collection dealer Israel Goldman.

The artworks in the presentation are frequently political and employ animal metaphors to represent our fundamental tendencies.

Fashionable Picture of the Great Frog Battle

This painting is an analogy for a conflict between a Tokugawa-allied clan and the lords of the Choshu realm, a territory of Japan hostile to the Tokugawa authority.

Frog School

A frog instructor instructs two frogs seated on a hardwood log while pointing to a lotus-leaf board chart. Japan developed a national educational system in 1872 and launched the very first elementary school in Tokyo, using Western teaching methods such as wall charts.

Skeleton Shamisen Player in Top-Hat with Dancing Monster

The image’s Top Hat alludes to Westerners’ presence in Japan and their eccentric clothing, while the Skeleton looks to be a visual reminder of our destiny.

Knowing Arts and Music Through Online Learning

Because of the pandemic, everything goes online. From shopping, payment, to schooling, almost everyone has access to the world wide web. Music is not an exception here. So, if you want to learn music and arts, you can already do it online.

Online learning sites are present and highly accessible. They are simple to use and ideal for those who want to learn new skills or take a fun course. These platforms provide consumers with 24/7 access and detailed explanations. The professionals that work for online learning platforms are up to date on the issues.

Online Sites for Music and Arts Education

Rather than the conventional one, online learning platforms are cost-effective, easily accessible, and self-explanatory. Through that, these became popular making students increasingly use them.

Below are some great arts and music websites that you may sign up for:


Online learning becomes simple and accessible at Udemy. This online platform provides a variety of PDFs per topic. Also, the video contents have in-depth explanations and complete knowledge. With over 1000 courses, you may learn about music, art, coding, and many other areas.


At Skillshare, there are around 25,000-course videos ranging in length from 20 to 60 minutes. The site is famous for having courses on everything from art to music to web design and a lot more. Skillshare is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for an enjoyable art or music course.


Coursera provides specialized courses in areas such as art, music, and other topics. It allows students to collaborate with and learn from some of the world’s best educators.

Art: Personal touch for your own car


Personal Touch for Your Own Car: Cars are expensive but off-the-shelf products. All Fiat 500s in a particular range look the same as any VW Passat or Honda Civic (earnhardt Honda). The list can be continued on all models of all brands. Of course, this homogeneity has its advantages. All vehicles are similar in terms of equipment and safety, and thanks to the production of assembly lines, automobiles have become a means of mass transit in the first place. Nevertheless, many car owners want a little personal touch on their cars.

A personal touch for the German beloved child

Even in the year of the economic boom, the car received the title of flattery: the German beloved child. Many people, not just in Germany, are devoted to cherishing and caring for their bicycles. They name their car and guarantee regular maintenance beyond TÜV regulations.

For some, cars are even hobbyist excellence, and they adjust their car and present it at enthusiasts’ meetings. So it’s only natural that you want to give your favorite child a unique touch. There are many accessories on the market and we are finding many buyers to give the wheelset a personal touch.

Accessories give a personal touch

The interior of the car should look as clean as possible. Therefore, we regularly remove dust and dirt and use a vacuum cleaner and a cleaning spray to make it comfortable for a long time. If your seat or floor mat becomes unattractive, dirty, or tanned, you can easily replace it. When choosing a seat cover and floor mat, make sure that each manufacturer makes its own interior trim and that it is actually suitable for your vehicle.

Small Lucky Charm

Many people have a small lucky charm in their car. They should protect you from accidents while driving and give your car personality and personality. Most people attach crosses, beads, and other religious symbols, including guardian angels and lucky pigs, to the rear-view mirror as amulets. Keep in mind that lucky charms can be dangerous in the event of an accident.

The plush toy is probably harmless, but the metal cross can explode on impact and hurt the occupants. If you want to carry a talisman with you in the car, you should pay attention to light and small objects, preferably made of plush or fabric. Alternatives are stickers that can be stuck inside and outside.

Stickers for a personal touch

Very many cars drive one or more stickers for a walk. The baby on board labels is particularly well-known, often with the names of the offspring, or the Christian fish symbol. Many people also bring bumper stickers with them from vacation and announce to those driving behind them that they have been to Sylt or Lake Constance. Band stickers are also very popular with fans of different music genres art.



Even if the car is mass-produced, it is of personal value to many for more than the purchase price. Cars are a loyal companion in everyday life and travel. Many people want to add a personal touch to their car and stand out from the crowd. A variety of accessories, and above all, a clean interior and exterior show that the car is valued.

The Australian Pop Culture Rich Traditions

The Aboriginal people of Australia have a rich history in the visual arts. In terms of music, rock is one of the most famous genres in the country. Learn about their arts as well as their culture, and the traditions of Australia’s Early Nations, through this article. We’ll look at some of the country’s well-known cultural attractions, such as theater, art, music, and more.

Australian Visual Arts

Australia is home to the world’s largest number of museums. With almost 900 museums over the country, it is ranked 17th. The Aboriginal rock arts, which have survived for so many years, are Australia’s most valued visual arts. Some of these rock paintings may be found in Kakadu National Park, which is home to one of the largest rock art collections in the world.

Australian Music

In terms of music, rock is still one of the most famous genres. Australia’s economy is mostly based on the rock industry. Johnny Farnham, for example, was extremely popular in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and continues to be so now.

Australian Musical Theater

The Sydney Opera House and Melbourne’s State Theatre are two of the most popular locations for musical events. Once Australian artists start in the musical theatre sector, or the operatic industry, and in cinema and television, their ultimate end aim is Broadway, or for opera students, the Metropolitan Theatre.

Must-See Art Masterpieces in San Diego

In this coming February 2022, there will be an art exhibit in San Diego. And here are the most anticipated art works that you shouldn’t missed.

Gravitational Lensing by Melissa Walter

Melissa Walter describes “gravitational lensing” as the phenomenon happened astrophysically especially during the blockade of a light source by large amount of substance. This can be viewed on February 5, 2022 at the Cannon Gallery.

Blanket Stories: Continuum (Book I/Book III) by Marie Watt

The sculptural works of Watt are highly powerful and attracting. There are gigantic, tall pillars of blankets that are folded and stacked. They are either installed on the inside or on the outside.

Marie Watt’s storywork are generally came from Jordan D. Schnitzer Family Foundation collections. From February 4 to May 13, 2022, you can visit the University of San Diego Gallery to view these masterpieces.

Intrinsically Asymmetrical by Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio

Tatiana Rubio is a muralist and will have to showcase her new charcoal collection at the City College Gallery this February 5 until March 1, 2022. Those masterpieces are made from charcoal which will be showcase in groups at San Diego.

The artworks emphasize time and the complex aspects of philosophies and physics. Moreover, Rubio’s works highlight the separation of the past and the future. There is also an elevated level of awareness of the present times.

Link Building For Solo And Independent Musicians

The music industry has changed a lot in recent years. Streaming services like Spotify and YouTube have become more popular than buying music, causing record labels to adapt and change their business models. However, these changes have also given solo musicians the opportunity to build their careers without a record label. This has opened up a world of opportunities for artists to build their brand and connect with fans, which is why so many artists today are making their own music and marketing it themselves.

Link Building For Solo And Independent Musicians

Digital marketing has had a huge impact on the careers of solo musicians. YouTube has become a great platform for musicians to showcase their music and build a fanbase by recording music videos. It also enables them to interact with their fans through live streams and the comments on their videos. Similarly, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become a great way for solo musicians to build a fanbase and keep their fans invested in their music.

Link building is another crucial aspect of digital marketing for solo musicians. It is a way for them to promote their music and build their brand by getting their music on other websites and blogs. It is essentially the process of getting other people to link to your music on their website, which will help more people discover your music. By creating thoughtful links to your music, you can increase the exposure your music gets and build your fanbase. You can easily get started by talking to a trusted link building company.

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Four Independent Artists Who Became Famous In YouTube

In this section, let’s take a look at independent artists who became successful on YouTube through their own marketing effort.


Pentatonix is an American Acappella group from Arlington, Texas, that has become one of the most popular groups in the world through their YouTube videos. The group’s music features a wide variety of styles, which allows them to appeal to a wide audience. Their YouTube videos have received millions of views, which has enabled them to build a large fanbase. The group also uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to build its fanbase.

Boyz Avenue

Boyce Avenue is an American cover band that has become one of the most popular cover bands in the world through their YouTube videos. The band consists of brothers Alejandro, Daniel, and Fabian Manzano, who are originally from Sarasota, Florida. They have built a large fanbase through their YouTube videos, which have helped them become one of the most successful cover bands in the world. Boyce Avenue uses YouTube to share their music with their fans and to experiment with new sounds.

Kina Grannis

Another example of a solo musician who has built a large fanbase through YouTube is Kina Grannis, an indie singer-songwriter who turned down record label offers to continue on her own. Her music has been streamed millions of times on YouTube, which has helped her build a fanbase that loves her music. Kina uses YouTube to share her music with her fans and to experiment with her sound. She has also used YouTube to share videos about her life and to connect with her fans.

Walk Off The Earth (WOTE)

WOTE, the Canadian indie-pop band known for their innovative videos, carefully crafted cover songs, strong vocal harmonies and unique blend of folk, rock, country, reggae and dance, is another excellent example of an independent artist who has built a large fanbase through YouTube. The band is made up of five members: Gianni “Lovin” Luca, Mike “Bovin” Bovin, Jay “Boomin” Bovin, Joe “Bovin” Bovin and Sarah “Boomin” Bovin. All of the members of the band are originally from Toronto, Canada, and they frequently use YouTube to share their music.

2021’s Artful Music

2021 was a banner year for art lovers, with the borders between fine arts and everything else growing more porous. There were historic examples that showed us how much adventure can be found in history–and then some contemporary happenings made it seem like we’re on track to experience an even greater burst of creativity soon!

Best Representation of 2021 Artful Music

Below are some examples of artful music in the year 2021:

1-The Velvet Underground

For Todd Haynes’s, his impressive  documentary about the Velvet Underground tackled more than just a job to show how this band and their music could not be contained in one little box. They made creative decisions that still boggle our minds today because they were singular from day 1; there’s no other way you would describe something as unique-sounding or look into your own eyes while listening with complete concentration like these guys did back then!

2-Don & Moki Cherry

The partnership of Don Cherry and Moki created a formidable life-and art masterpiece. It was the subject of a 500 page book from their extensive artwork in painting, textiles or more that combined both perspectives into one beautiful work.

3-Sun Ra Poetry Books

The intergalactic jazz visionary Sun Ra is one of the most worthy cultural figures in any field. His life and work deserve to beknown more fully, especially considering how little attention he’s received thus far!

The Connection of Music and Visual Arts

No art exists separately and independently on its own, but always in an interrelationship with the other arts. Literature serves as the basis for vocal compositions or music as the basis for dance. Such interrelationships were intensified with the introduction of program music.

Often artists also work in several artistic areas. There are painting musicians, but also composing painters. Due to its non-representational character, the music is particularly suitable for a synthesis with other arts.

The art is divided into four major sub-areas, depending on the material used in the representation :

  • Literature (language),
  • Music (sound),
  • Performing arts (e.g. dance, drama, film),
  • Visual arts (e.g. painting, sculpture, photography, architecture).

These can in turn be subdivided into individual categories and genres.

Music and visual arts

The term visual arts is a collective term for painting, graphics, handicrafts, architecture (architecture), plastic (sculpture, sculpture) and photography. Painting and music in particular have been in a competitive and reciprocal relationship since ancient times. In some cases, until the 19th century, the visual arts were considered subordinate to music. With the development of program music in the first half of the 19th century, the compositions were based not only on literary models but also on works of the visual arts. Visual arts and music were made productive in their context in different ways.

FRANZ LISZT was one of the first composers to refer directly to paintings and sculptures, for example. The symphonic poem No. 11 “Die Hunnenschlacht” (1857) is inspired by the monumental mural of the same name (1834–1837) by the painter WILHELM VON KAULBACH (1804–1874).

The Russian composer MODEST MUSSORGSKI (1839–1881) wrote one of the most famous compositions in this field in 1874, the piano cycle “Pictures at an Exhibition”. This work is based on paintings by his friend VICTOR HARTMANN (1834–1873). MUSSORGSKI tried to translate his impressions into music.

In the 20th century it was pictures by PAUL KLEE (1879–1940) that composers repeatedly used as inspiration. For example, the 1922 watercolor “Zwitschermaschine” served the composer GISELHER KLEBE (born 1925) as a template for his chamber music piece of the same name (1950).

But not only musicians absorbed ideas from the visual arts; conversely, musical material could also serve as a program for painters and sculptors . The first exhibition of Viennese Art Nouveau is a significant example of this. It was conceived as a total work of art and was dedicated to the composer LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770–1827). The painter and sculptor MAX KLINGER (1857–1920) created his famous Beethoven monument, GUSTAV KLIMT (1862–1918) exhibited his monumental Beethoven frieze and GUSTAV MAHLER (1860–1911) conducted an arrangement of BEETHOVEN’s 9th Symphony.

There were also entire styles of painting that were interrelated with music. In Impressionism, for example, there are direct parallels between the pictures CLAUDE MONETS (1840–1926) and the sound world of CLAUDE DEBUSSYS (1862–1918). A mutual influence between the two arts was found between ARNOLD SCHÖNBERG (1874–1951) and WASSILY KANDINSKY (1866–1944). The composer’s music, which broke away more and more from traditional tonality, gave decisive impulses for KANDINSKY’s departure towards abstraction. SCHÖNBERG also painted his own pictures, which the painter friend was so impressed with that he invited the composer who painted to take part in the first exhibition of the artist group “Blauer Reiter” (1911).

Understanding Music Theory

Understand the underlying concepts covering music theory today! In this video, you may understand the musical alphabet, chords, intervals, inversions, melodies, scales, modulation, borrowing, modes, and more!

What Is Music Technology

Music Technology meaning – Music Technology definition – Music Technology explanation.

What is Music Technology? What does Music Technology mean? Music Technology meaning – Music Technology definition – Music Technology explanation.