Passage Pass015 Mantsevich Dzenis Colorful

The best art is both visually pleasing and thought-provoking. That’s why the color choices matter so much. Warm colors like red and orange can be used to convey passion and excitement, while cooler colors like blue and green give off a calmer and more relaxed vibe.

Do what Artists does and always Perform Research

It can be difficult to know what colors to use sometimes, but there are certain rules that artists have uncovered over the years that you can use as a starting point.

Color Theory and Color Combination

Human beings have been painting for millennia. From the beginning, color has been an important aspect of art. So long as art is in existence, it will definitely be associated with color theory.

Colors are measured by light wavelength — red light has a wavelength of approximately 620-750 nanometers, and violet light has a wavelength of approximately 380-450 nm. Each primary color is created by combining two pure wavelengths: yellow (590 nm) and blue (450 nm), and red (620 nm) and green (550 nm).