The Worlds Of Music & Video Games Are Moving Closer

The worlds of music and video games are moving closer together. What initially sounds like two separate areas is actually already an inseparable couple. Games are inconceivable without music, since it is the background music that contributes significantly to the mood of the player and the atmosphere.

In the meantime, however, the music in video games goes far beyond the background music, because even live acts now take place virtually in the game. Likewise, video games have already infiltrated the world of music, with video game music concerts more popular than ever. If you check roll surrogate and boosting sites for LoL, you can see that they use background music.

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Music is as much a part of the game as it is of the film

What would a film be without the right background music? Pretty boring. Because in addition to the visuals, the film music is absolutely essential for the mood of the strip. Film music can be so powerful. The same applies to the world of video games. The player is guided by the music in the game. The mood and atmosphere are controlled and it becomes possible to really immerse yourself in the game. Video game music has become an important genre in the music industry that demands a lot from composers. Unlike movies, a game is interactive, so the music changes according to the player’s actions to create the optimal atmosphere.

Live acts in games and games in live acts

But the merging of the worlds of music and video games goes well beyond the musical accompaniment in games. Live acts by real musicians in video games have become a phenomenon. Players have the opportunity to take part in a live concert with their character within the game. The video game Fortnite caused a great stir and a lot of enthusiasm on the part of the players. In October 2019, legendary DJ Marshmello held the first live concert within the game. Players had to log in in time for the event and go to the concert location with their character.

Marshmello performed virtually on a stage and made the characters dance. Almost 11 million players were there. However, rapper Travis Scott, who gave the second virtual live concert in Fortnite in April 2020, went one better. Over 12 million players attended the legendary concert and watched the artist live on the virtual stage.

Two areas of the entertainment industry are currently in the process of increasingly merging. Music and video games have become an inseparable pair, because they change and complement each other in an ingenious way.