Methods for Enhancing Creative Works with Technology

On the surface, it may seem that art and technology are polar opposites. Many art educators may be hesitant to introduce new technologies into their classrooms for fear of alienating their students. But techniques for learning are essential.

Computer-Assisted Manipulation

To begin, digital manipulation is just a method of altering visual media on a computer. Artists may make new works by modifying older ones using a wide range of approaches and tools. Most often, this aesthetic is realized via photo manipulation.

Online Paint-Pouring Competition

Now more than ever, paint pouring is an extremely popular art form. Although the outcomes of this scientific method on their own are interesting, they may be improved upon via the use of digital alteration.0

Chalk and Watercolor Paintings for your Walls

Try having your pupils make a cool design that can be used as a digital editing backdrop the next time they experiment with new media. Watercolors and chalk are fantastic materials for experimenting with and may be enhanced digitally after the fact.

Animation to Bring Life to Classic Works of Art

Animating a piece of art is another easy method by that technology may alter a work of art. Students may quickly turn any drawing or painting into a GIF animation by using simple animation methods.