How iPhone Helps With Your Creativity

Is the iPhone the worst adversary of creativity or the best instrument ever created? The response is both. On the one hand, the smartphone serves as the Swiss Army Knife of planning, writing, and research capabilities. However, it can also be a time-sucking black hole that eats up all of your free time in a gaming and social media whirlwind. Here are a few tips for maximizing the creative potential of the coque iphone 7 wiqeo in your pocket.

1. Pick creative applications carefully

If you’re doing brainstorming sessions in the physical world, 3M’s Post-It app offers a surprisingly efficient method to record a wall full of notes, organize them, and export them to other applications. Procreate is the industry standard for doodlers. (Unless you have amazingly tiny fingertips, you might want to use this app on an iPad.)

Try as many as you can, then narrow them down to the handful that will fit on your home screen and that you use frequently.

2. Review your diversion

Now let’s get down to business. How exactly do you use your phone? Do you frequently visit a particular app or website each day? Do you have any habits that are wasting your time? Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit come to mind.

If so, implement usage restrictions. Put some friction between you and your addiction by placing all the distracting applications on a separate screen or even hiding them away within a folder. Take use of that small period of additional swiping to remind yourself to consider if you *really* want to go into the rabbit hole. There could be a better way to spend your time

3. Maintain your attention

There are several tools that can support you when you do decide to commit to a creative activity. The Pomodoro approach, which calls for focusing for chunks of 25 minutes with 5-minute pauses in between, is embraced by many. While Apple’s standard clock app also functions quite well, there are several Pomodoro clocks available in the app store.

Do you follow a particular routine? Do you truly want to be opening those applications, or are you just doing it out of habit? See how your viewpoint for the day changes after opening a creative booster.