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Contemporary art is a general term for all art created after the mid-20th century. Since contemporary art covers such a broad range of media, it can be hard to define what exactly constitutes contemporary art. There are many ways to define it, but most critics agree that contemporary art refers to any work made in or after 1945.

How Contemporary Art should be Viewed?

Treat contemporary art like a business and make money.

There is no such thing as modern art, there is only good and bad art. The art world is not controlled by artists; it is controlled by the rich.

It is what it is

The whole premise of the modern art system is to sell overpriced pieces to all those who can afford it. It’s a financial scam, which means it’s also an employment scam. At least, this is how some people sees it. But for true art enthusiasts and those who know the real story behind a certain piece of work, it is indeed a priceless piece.