The Impact of Art in Self-Confidence

Young teens making art


Crayons, oil chalk, and acrylic paints – the children get to know different painting techniques. But what is even more important is: The children’s self-confidence grows. That’s what Christa Peitzmeier, project manager, says. Bernd Steinbacher.

Ten refugee girls between the ages of 8 and 14 are at the Peitzmeier/Obermeier farm on Kaunitzer Straße this week until Saturday to paint together at the Summer Art Academy. After that, the offer continues on four Saturdays. The participants come from different countries, for example, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Apart from art, Affirmations websites has powerful daily affirmations that may also help people like these girls gain more confidence.

Of course, you can’t just sit still, which is why Alexandra Pesce and Paula van der Woude also offer movement games. Alexandra Pesce is about expressive dance, but also about creative work with material from nature. For example, wood, stones, and leaves are used for collagen. And how could it be otherwise: Paula van der Woude also plays tennis balls. Joint exercises strengthen cohesion, she says.

The German language is still used for image dictation

Karin Puce from Gütersloh introduces the girls to various painting techniques and materials. The German language is also used for image dictation. The table is in the middle of the picture. Such a requirement can be implemented quickly. A sense of achievement sets in.

Christa Peitzmeier explains that the organizer is the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeit, Bildung, Kultur NRW in Bochum. Peitzmeier wrote the concept. The former all-day coordinator of the Lisa Tetzner School changed her career after the closure of the secondary school and now works in her main job in refugee care in Gütersloh.

The cooperation partner for this summer holiday project is the refugee aid St. Johannes Baptist Stukenbrock. Giesela Hörster takes care of the catering, cooks lunch, and has done a lot of work in advance. I know the refugee families in the city, and I asked them if the children were interested.


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Doodle pictures on bed sheets

The ten girls who have signed up are happy to paint. The children paint theme-oriented, says Christa Peitzmeier. “I’m proud of my name,” was the topic on Monday. Thus, in each picture, one’s own name is a central element. In my case, the girls go on a fantasy journey while accompanied by painting. They can put their ideas on paper.

On Wednesday, the holiday offer was under the theme of relaxation. Doodle pictures were created on bed sheets. These banners are intended to serve as signposts when visitors come to the vernissage. The summer festival will take place on Saturday, September 21, from 3 pm on the farm. There is a program for children and adults: tractor and quad tours are planned, and of course, everyone can look at the resulting pictures.

A commentary by Bernd Steinbacher

The refugee children enjoy painting and designing and also learn German. Such projects are very important because mastering the language of the country in which they live is the most important prerequisite for successful integration. Playing together connects, and communication works, even if the supervisors sometimes have to resort to English. The girls also help each other – this is how success arises. This is also an important experience.