6 Social Tips for Artists



PRE-SAVE MY NEW TRACK! MY NEW TRACK IS OUT! STREAM NOW! I regularly see these kinds of posts on social media. Artists who release a track shout it from the rooftops the week before release, hoping that their followers will flock to Spotify. But after the release date, it remains eerily quiet on the account. Chances are that their followers don’t even get to see this sales post (long live the algorithm) or that they have forgotten who the artist is again. Logical, because it only makes itself heard when something has to be sold.


So unless your name is Ed Sheeran or Adele, you’ll need to use your social media more actively, personally, and meaningfully to reach your followers. After all: the people who follow you are the people who will soon be streaming your music, being at the front of your shoe, and buying your merchandise. Aside from getting help from SMM services , I would like to give you 6 tips to profile yourself as an artist online and turn your followers into fans.


On Instagram and TikTok, it’s all about authenticity: being yourself. Your (potential) fans use social media to be entertained. That does not (necessarily) mean that you have to do dances on TikTok or reveal your entire private life, but it must be interesting for followers to view your post. Because it makes them happy, something of learning or being touched, by you. The great thing is: that you are an artist, so entertaining is in your DNA. For good and entertaining content ideas how not to look far, because the basics are already there: your music!


Ask yourself why people follow you on social media… Exactly: they love you as an artist and they want to hear and see more of you and your music. So take them there and document, don’t create. Don’t just post the perfect end result of a song, but also show the way to it. Turn your followers into a fly on the wall: take them into the studio, show them a writing session or the exciting moment when you check whether your single has made it to New Music Friday. And show that single not only in the final version but also acoustically, in the bathroom or on your balcony. Make your followers witness to your growth process as an artist, which you also go through on that side and with your followers.


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“Do I have to do covers?” I hear you think. Short answer: no, nothing has to be done. The most important thing is that you make the music you want to make. Longer answer: It often works. Recording a successful song by another artist contributes to your reach, popularity, and recognisability on social media. Not infrequently, an artist scores the biggest hit with a cover. Always make sure that the song fits your own music and contributes to what you want to radiate as an artist so that new followers remain interested in you as an artist even after the cover. And above all, put your own spin on the song: TikTok is not karaoke.


Good content immediately gets to the point. In half a second, you need to make it clear what people can expect from your content. And that applies to both your current followers and the careless FYP scrollers. A mic in a shock mount with a pop filter in the picture arouses interest, but if there is first an instrumental intro of 10 seconds, people are long gone. Also bad for the TikTok algorithm, which largely runs on the completion rate of a video. The longer someone watches your video, the higher the algorithm values that video. You, therefore, want to prevent dropping out as much as possible. So: don’t bore us, straight to the chorus. It will hurt your artist’s heart, but on social media, short snippets of your song work better to hold the attention. Moreover, it “forces” people to go to Spotify or Apple Music for listening to the whole song.


Use different POVs (points of view) when you post a video of your song. The song probably has a specific meaning for you. But in order to reach a large audience with your song, it is good to let go of that personal interpretation a bit. Zoom out: could that text about that first meeting with a loved one, for example, also be about the birth of a child? Or about the day someone was allowed to pick up his puppy, or visited her homeland? By posting the same video from multiple POVs, you’ll keep talking to new people.


Shouting from the rooftops that your new track is out is of course also good. You have worked hard for it and would like as many people as possible to listen to it. If you still like STREAM NOW! then stick to 3:1: opposite three posts with personal content, there is one sales post. Always give more than you ask – so do Ed and Adele. Good luck!