Understanding Why Most Storage Facilities Do Not Offer Flexible Use

Many independent artists have had the unfortunate experience of being in a situation where they were forced to use a storage facility as their work space. Yet multipurpose or flexible-use arrangement isn’t always allowed by storage facilities. Not even in your neighborhood’s friendly storage provider. Apparently, there are local zoning laws that specifically prohibit operators from letting customers use a storage space other than for storage or holding purposes.

While some may have heard of facility operators who let musicians use their unit as rehearsal venues, these are usually in towns that do not have such kind of zoning laws. The most that is required from a renter, is a municipal permission to use the storage area for a special purpose; either as a rehearsal space, as office space or as art studio — but only for a limited period and with valid reason.

Henfield Storage in Horsham offers different sizes of storage units. However, their units are accessible only during specific hours but the company commits to keep the temperature and humidity control running 24/7.

Actually, running a storage facility all day and all night has already drawn the attention of climate activists. The latter are citing the amount of energy used in order to keep the storage spaces under climate-controlled conditions.

Storage units are not required to install amenities such as running water and lighting facilities that would make the unit suitable to double as an art studio. Besides, the structure itself can be a health hazard if used as an art studio. A storage unit does not have proper ventilation unless the main door remains open. There is also the danger of somebody leaving paint materials, lacquer or other flammable materials laced with chemical ingredients, lying around as fire hazards.

Actually, a storage provider may not even include a toilet for customer use.

Why Henfield Storage is Popular Among Businesses and Homeowners

The website of Henfield Storage shows that this storage provider maintains specific time schedules for accessing the units.

Rather than be a turn off for business and homeowners, the fixed time schedules actually give a sense of peace of mind. Knowing that people do not just come and go at any time during the day or night, means their stored belongings are kept under tight security.
Nevertheless, other storage facilities create an edge over competitors by targeting musicians, deejays and other freelance gig workers as customers. Yet these types of storage facilities are usually connected with recording studios, as part of the services offered to musicians who will use the recording studio for more than a day.