5 Online Forums for Musicians

Music lover browsing on online music forums


As versatile as the music, so numerous are online music forums. Aside from Reddit where you can get more upvotes (check out https://upvote.shop/ to learn how) on popular topics about music, here we present five other music forums that cover the most important concerns around the scene, making music, listening to music, buying, and crafting music and music equipment.

Forum for bands and active musicians

If you want to ask questions or talk shop as a hobby, amateur or professional musician, you are in the right place in the community of the Musicians Board:

  • That Musicians’ Board offers articles on instruments and audio devices, tutorials on home recording and the rehearsal room, and reviews of current music.
  • The forum of the Musicians’ Boards includes divisions for Musical Instruments, Make music, and the Live Area.
  • Here you can ask for suitable locations for your gig in a foreign city, get recording tips, find bands, producers, and songwriters, or get purchase recommendations for your new instrument or studio equipment.
  • The musicians’ board offers a special Recording Forum, where you can discuss hardware and software, technology and tricks.
  • A charming gimmick: As a new forum member, you can join yourself and your band in the category Profile introduce. So the community knows who you are, where you come from, what music you make and like, and how much expertise you have.

Music forum for hi-fi lovers

If audio quality is a major concern for you when listening to and making music, you can hardly avoid the community of the HiFi Forum:

  • That HiFi Forum is, according to its own statement, “Germany’s largest community for consumer electronics”.
  • Talk shop in the categories Stereo, Home cinema or Car Hi-Fi about the most suitable equipment.
  • Give tips or get help in the section Repair and maintenance.
  • The topic Acoustics deals with the ideal acoustics for optimal listening pleasure as well as the compensation of room modes in the rehearsal room or the roar of a guitar amp.
  • In the Music Category exchange ideas about music reception and active music-making.


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Music Scene Forum

If you are interested in the music scene and nightlife, the Musikforum is an enrichment for you:

  • Musikforum.de describes itself as “the forum about music scene and parties”.
  • Discuss and review Evergreens and New Publications.
  • If you’re brave, let the community have your own Rate compositions and lyrics and get helpful tips.
  • In Scene and party forum you can give and receive concert tips, and find trendy clubs or the last record stores.
  • As in the musicians’ board, you can also use it here in the User Lounge to present yourself and your interests to the other forum members.

Forum around the recording studio

For music producers, especially as a trouble-shoot for problems with recording, mixing, and mastering, the forums of the major software manufacturers are particularly suitable.

  • Take advantage of the Steinberg Forum for general concerns about VST as well as special discussions about Cubase, Nuendo, WaveLab and Co.
  • Especially Mac users help the Apple forums to Logic Express, Logic Studio, and Logic Pro as well as audio units (AUs).
  • That Avid Forum competes around Pro Tools hardware and software.
  • That Magix Forum offers sections for Sound Forge, Music Maker and Co. For the Sony Creative products that Magix recently acquired, the old forum entries still exist as Archive.
  • Too Adobe Audition and Audacity offer their own forums.

The Music All-Arounder

Not specifically intended for music, but due to our large following and variety of topics, the CHIP Forum is a good starting point to discuss music topics with many people:

  • With the unsurpassed CHIP community, you can choose from Music or Hi-fi talk shops.
  • For tips and troubleshoots, the divisions are suitable Headphones and microphones or Sound Cards in the CHIP Forum.
  • Discuss the technical aspects of Audio editing and codecs, and share with other users and hobbyists about the purchase, operation, and repair of Home Electronics.