Maguett – Mediawind

Brand new Moscow’s Maguett LP “Mediawind”. All tracks, considering words of the author – Dmitry Drozdov, are like architectural objects representing one’s own vision in a certain real form – in this case Maguett’s tunes are representing audial and sensual, “felt” images from the inside of the deepest lows of his personality and imagination.
The base is just mixed-up haunted electronica of 00’s refreshed with a variety of samples and live synth parts. The music is soothing, deep and all in all “chill” but still not cheesy or over-sweet. Low-tempo beats, meditative, sometimes dark though not scaring atmospheres, micro twists, all in a certain minimalistic form – with no over-production or excess elements.
The name “Mediawind” speaks for itself – it’s a kind of a collage squeezed out of a nowadays person’s mind, which is occasionally full of scattered media pieces taken from everywhere and processed through a personal angle. In Dmitry’s case it’s all a bit cloudy, foggy, nearly black-and-white. So “Mediawind” is certainly more an image rather than a story or a function, and furthermore sometimes it’s even an image of the image.

01. Milk Shake
02. Criminal Locals Of My Brain
03. Light Day’s Firm
04. I Wanna Know
05. Medium
06. Blackoshid (Media Wind Come Back)
07. Inks
08. Mering (Let’s Get Out Or Even Stopping Here)
09. Gradient

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Koett – Tri

A after two EPs on our label, features on German Connaisseur, 12″ on Dabit, and a debut full-length album on Applescal’s Atomnation Records, Alexander Tochilkin aka Koett – South Russia’s house and electronica master – drops his 3rd EP for Fuselab, the last one from “Eno-Owt-Tri” series, named “Tri”.
Again here’s Sasha’s firm grooves and atmos, very complex and just extra-world. Two tracks of dancy electronica with broken beats and uplifting synth passages, then one foor to the floor cosmic banger and the last one – just chilled layed back song with live instumentals and lyrical, sometimes even sweet approach, a really sky-sent one.

Supported by Groove Guardian, Maceo Plex, Robert Grand, Marco Carola, Resident Advisor, Fine Cut Bodies, Microtrauma, Nudisco and many more.

01. Think Easy
02. Heat
03.�?Korney Found an Oscillator
04. Sky-Sent

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Broads – Care & Handling

The second work by our Norwich/UK-based friend James Ferguson aka Broads.


“Care & Handling contains 5 tracks, and clocks in around 21 minutes. It’s a bit less stark overall than the Broads album, maybe a bit more ‘coloured-in’ but still slow, undulating lo-fi for the most part. With occasional electronics. I was lucky enough to enlist the various talents of Owen Turner (Magoo), Anna Knowles (The Middle Ones) and Justine Mann during the recording process, and they each add their own individual sparkle to the whole affair.”

Photography by Rose Kemmy
Vocals on “Be In Lines” by Anna Knowles
Cornet on “Be In Lines” by Owen Turner
Vocals on “Care & Handling” by Justine Mann
Everything else by James Ferguson, Norwich, Spring 2014

This release is also available as CD with 16 page booklet designe by Rose Kemmy. You can buy it together with free or name-your-price download of the EP.

Broads CD

01. Sloe Foresting
02. Be In Lines
03. Care And Handling
04. In The Sink Locale
05. Don’t Flow

Summer Of Haze.

“This is a dream album by Tambov’s ethereal hero Summer Of Haze.
This is Jessica. Jessica is always waiting for you on the beach. With a bong. With a perfect smile. As smooth as you can imagine.
This is weedwave. It’s all about Yo and Om together. It’s like laughing sadly at the void. It’s like just being here without illusive perfection. it’s raw, emotional and hopeful. As life is at it’s lows, the basics.
This is something just to feel and move ruining the stereotypes and passing all the mind tricks by.
This is the core of Summer Of Haze, the spirit. Yes, it’s simple, joyful and outgiving. It’s honest.”

“Jessica” is also available as limited edition colorful cassette tape.

Jessica Tape

BandCamp digital purchase comes with bonus items – an unheard disco-driven slow rave tune and two “Jessica” hi-res themes.

01. Autumn ∞ Harvest ∞ Happiness
02. Hey Jessica, I Rolled A Joint
03. Ice Cube
04. Олдовые Найки
05. Sensi Sensi
06. Super Crystal Track
07. Miss Ya
08. Twilight
09. Before I Sleep
10. Celestial
11. 8∆by Kush
12. Weedwave
13. Jessy Is Always Out Of Reach
14. ∆nthem Of Haze
15. Swinging Leaf Marijuana
16. Thx

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Galun – Solitude

3rd longplay album by one of our key artists Moscow’s Sergey Galunenko aka Galun. As always all tunes made by voice, though processed, reversed, etc but no synths or other instruments used. This time Galun brings us his ambient side, completing the album with 12 no-beat atmospheric tunes – deep, smooth and uplifting, sometimes soothing and mystical.

01. 5.00 AM, Forest Dawn Summer
02. Dust
03. Snowfall
04. Java
05. Factorial
06. Odissey
07. Thriller
08. Under Moss
09. Birds
10. Flavor
11. Syren
12. Beyond

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Second longplayer by one of Fuselab co-founders WOLS

Second longplayer by one of Fuselab co-founders WOLS. 14 tunes of different styles including dancy rave and house gems, chilly audio poems and various cuts of modern bass electronica. You will find collaborations with Saint-Petersburg’s Monokle and Walder, Krasnodar-based WOLS’s brothers in arms Koett and Diem and some more on “Observer Kid”. This album, recorded in a plenty of places during 2011-2014, is a kind of a compilation representing what WOLS is, so the name of the thing speaks for itself.

By the way the landscape on the cover is a crappy 00’s 3D model generated by the author himself during the school time and a bit processed over 10 years later. The sketches of some tracks are also done many years ago, reconfigured and mixed for this album then.

01. Chukovsky
02. Qlisa (feat. Walder)
03. Icy-Orby
04. Glassdown (with Crystal Creal)
05. Aliz
06. 0 DATA (with Crystal Creal)
07. Fat Mermaid Blues, Rat Ritual Cycle (feat. Diem)
08. Mousetrap Season Boundary ’00 (feat. Monokle)
09. Notto (feat. Age 5)
10. Blind and Furious
11. Try Sacred (feat. Koett)
12. Asiuplift (with Crystal Creal)
13. Once Ane Went Plastic
14. Utroah

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Yuya Ota – Zion

Yuya Ota is a Tokyo-based musician and sound artist. He plays live instruments such as piano or some weird strings and then processes everything via Max/Msp to create imaginary fields and images.

“Zion” is Yuya’s new mini-album representing of what he did during last couple of years. Well, in short it’s a kind of modern classical in it’s experimental and felt-out best.

Cover provided by Sasha Sementsev.

01. Resona
02. Bohemian a la Carte
03. Indian Rain Dance, Paper Bird
04. Fifth Mountain Square
05. Skyscraper
06. Brother & Sister
07. Rita

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AL-90 – CODE915913

A second full-length album by Murmansk-based AL-90 with the participation of Prochor Spurv and GNTH – a tree of nowaday music from Russia that has already received the name of the post-house or tape-house. It’s like almost original house compositions of 90s, with bass organ and kinda impudent groove, vocal influxes and romance of semi-empty dancefloors, under the thundering single strobe and the up-to-that-date 4/4 beats or tracks of Russia’s Shura, scratched from the story of years – jammed, dusty, faded like an old film or a Polaroid shot. And all this is permeated with Russia and something Russian, something that some use to joke at, some do rap about it, and someone just feels and loves all this weird, wild and living reality.

“CODE-915913″ is also available on a limited edition grey cassette powered by Gotape and Oomkah Dee.


01. Efimernaya Nenavist’
02. Zavualirovanniy Signal (with GNTH)
03. Experienced Girl
04. Melancholia Staroy Pornozvezdy (with Spurv)
05. Vectornaya Eyforia
06. Radicalnye Tanzi (with GNTH)
07. Samoudovletvoris’ Suka
08. Smena Stadiy
09. F – Bio Booster Armor (AL-90 Remix) 02:26
10. Pandora 9.0
11. Tvoya Pesnya (with Spurv)
12. 913
13. Ona Hochet Eshe (with Suprv)
14. Arevuar

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According To Fuse Lab: Must Have Features in Wireless Earbuds

First came the wired earphones. The ability to go hands-free to pick calls as well as to listen to music was fascinating. And then there has been no turning back. The 3.5mm jack became a mandatory port in most electronic devices. So all you had to do was to purchase a pair of earphones or headphones of any brand, shape, and size and plug it into the 3.5mm jack. Then came the enhanced versions with extra bass or those with noise isolation abilities and other perks.  if you have plan to buy a new wireless earbuds for yourself,  check these guys out to read a well-explained guide about top wireless earbuds in the market.

While all this was happening there was another new trend that slowly became popular and that is the use of Bluetooth and IR (infra-red) technology to establish communication between the earphones and the device transmitting the sound. These are available as chords that can be worn around the neck or with a neckband.

Though we call them wireless earphones they are not wireless literally. That is why the wireless earbuds created a storm. These stay true to the name and there is no chord anywhere in the design. We are not new to the concept of earbuds. Mono earbuds to make calls have existed for ages. They come with powerful microphone and great sound quality as well. People who have to pick while they are outdoor or while driving can conveniently use them to make calls. But when it comes to listening to music this fall behind. So the concept of wireless earbuds slowly gained momentum. Popular brands have set new trends by introducing earbuds that simply stick into your ears without any chords and without any hassle.

Though some of the earbuds were criticised for their design this came as a lesson for the other brands and now a lot has changed. There are some sleek looking earbuds which connect through the latest Bluetooth technology. So, with these earbuds in your ears, you are sure to experience absolute freedom. Do you already own a pair of these wonderful accessories? If not, this is the right time to choose as the market is flooding with so many new variants with a lot of new and cool features:

Wireless Pairing and Wireless Charging

Some of the brands have already incorporated easy wireless charging in their earbuds. The way you charge them and the type of wireless charger being used would vary. But they are still much more convenient than having to plug them into the charging port with charging cables. Some allow charging with the help of the carry case available for the earbuds. So the moment you place them in the respective carry case the earbuds would be charged. And some of them can simply be charged with standard wireless charging pads. This means that when you have more than one device to charge at the same time, you can achieve that without any trouble. The wireless earbuds and the other wireless charging compatible devices could all simply be placed on one charging pad and you are good to go. Some of the earbuds also come with fast charge option and are known to be battery efficient. So with a few minutes of charging you can use them for hours together. These are ideal for the users who use their earbuds every day for a long duration.

NFC Pairing for Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth and NFC or near field communication are two very similar technologies.

The problem with NFC is that it works within a very short range. The problem with Bluetooth is that pairing takes a slightly longer duration than NFC and there are a few steps involved to establish the connection even between paired devices. But with NFC the connection link can instantly be launched. So we now find the market filled with Bluetooth earbuds with NFC compatibility. This ups the ante by blending the best of both the worlds. So you get quicker pairing and better range. The transmission speeds are low on NFC. So for the transmission and the retention of the link Bluetooth would still be used. NFC simply comes into the picture for the pairing part. So you simply have to ensure that you have earbuds and smartphones or other gadgets with NFC compatibility. Then by tapping them, you would be able to create the communication link.

Wearable technology incorporated

The wearable technology has been identified as a boon in the field of healthcare. Most of us use wearable technology in the form of fitness bands that allow us to track the steps or heart rate. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to this technology. And now we find wireless earbuds putting it to good use and giving a more practical and beneficial design. There are many wireless earbuds that come with a heart rate monitor. By allowing you to go fully chord free with the freedom from chords between the phone and the earbuds as well as between the left and right earbuds these are perfect for those who are looking for a pair to use during sports. If you add heart rate tracking to this convenience you get something that is very practical. Thus you would be able to find an ideal companion that motivates you to stay active. Whether it is for the morning jog or to use during your workout sessions you would have the perfect pair of wireless earbuds. With the annoyance of the tangling of the chords being skipped you have the perfect answer for a pair of earphones that truly grab and go. before moving forward, read the popular guide about wireless earbuds