The Social Media Commandments For Musicians

As a musician, you can use social media in two ways: one right and one wrong. The assumption that you can achieve quick and easy success here could not be more wrong. Successful use of social media means using clever strategies to promote your music

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Social media do’s and don’ts for musicians

You’re supposed to tell the whole story

Share not only your music but also your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on tour, recording, partying or even taking a break at the motorway service station, your social media channels should give an insight into your everyday life. Professional live shots are great. But the behind-the-scenes look is what interests people the most. Use your social networks to give all followers a backstage pass. You can take advantage of buy Instagram likes platforms to reach your followers.

Thou shalt not spam

Don’t bombard your audience with hundreds of self-promotional messages and annoying requests to buy your album. There’s enough of that already. It might get you brief peaks of attention. But in the long run, people will turn away from you when nothing more comes from you.

You should use social media for networking

Other acts in your musical niche are not your enemies. They are part of the same community as you. Follow them, and discuss with them. This can result in gigs, you can come to events or entire tours. If you see a band from your virtual circle of friends playing near you, go. Make connections in real life and see what comes of it. If you support musicians in your circle, they will support you too. In other words, build the scene you want to be part of.

Thou shalt follow back

If someone invests the time to follow your account, he or she will probably like your profile and your music or brand. You should too. See who’s following you, and as long as they don’t look like spammers, follow them too. It’s just a matter of courtesy.

Thou shalt not use a hundred different names

Funny account names are funny. But if you’re a musician, you’ll be hard to find. Name all your accounts like your stage name or that of your band. If the name is already taken, make sure you get as close as you can.  If a potential fan doesn’t find you, they will remain just a potential fan forever.