Link Building For Solo And Independent Musicians

The music industry has changed a lot in recent years. Streaming services like Spotify and YouTube have become more popular than buying music, causing record labels to adapt and change their business models. However, these changes have also given solo musicians the opportunity to build their careers without a record label. This has opened up a world of opportunities for artists to build their brand and connect with fans, which is why so many artists today are making their own music and marketing it themselves.

Link Building For Solo And Independent Musicians

Digital marketing has had a huge impact on the careers of solo musicians. YouTube has become a great platform for musicians to showcase their music and build a fanbase by recording music videos. It also enables them to interact with their fans through live streams and the comments on their videos. Similarly, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become a great way for solo musicians to build a fanbase and keep their fans invested in their music.

Link building is another crucial aspect of digital marketing for solo musicians. It is a way for them to promote their music and build their brand by getting their music on other websites and blogs. It is essentially the process of getting other people to link to your music on their website, which will help more people discover your music. By creating thoughtful links to your music, you can increase the exposure your music gets and build your fanbase. You can easily get started by talking to a trusted link building company.

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Four Independent Artists Who Became Famous In YouTube

In this section, let’s take a look at independent artists who became successful on YouTube through their own marketing effort.


Pentatonix is an American Acappella group from Arlington, Texas, that has become one of the most popular groups in the world through their YouTube videos. The group’s music features a wide variety of styles, which allows them to appeal to a wide audience. Their YouTube videos have received millions of views, which has enabled them to build a large fanbase. The group also uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to build its fanbase.

Boyz Avenue

Boyce Avenue is an American cover band that has become one of the most popular cover bands in the world through their YouTube videos. The band consists of brothers Alejandro, Daniel, and Fabian Manzano, who are originally from Sarasota, Florida. They have built a large fanbase through their YouTube videos, which have helped them become one of the most successful cover bands in the world. Boyce Avenue uses YouTube to share their music with their fans and to experiment with new sounds.

Kina Grannis

Another example of a solo musician who has built a large fanbase through YouTube is Kina Grannis, an indie singer-songwriter who turned down record label offers to continue on her own. Her music has been streamed millions of times on YouTube, which has helped her build a fanbase that loves her music. Kina uses YouTube to share her music with her fans and to experiment with her sound. She has also used YouTube to share videos about her life and to connect with her fans.

Walk Off The Earth (WOTE)

WOTE, the Canadian indie-pop band known for their innovative videos, carefully crafted cover songs, strong vocal harmonies and unique blend of folk, rock, country, reggae and dance, is another excellent example of an independent artist who has built a large fanbase through YouTube. The band is made up of five members: Gianni “Lovin” Luca, Mike “Bovin” Bovin, Jay “Boomin” Bovin, Joe “Bovin” Bovin and Sarah “Boomin” Bovin. All of the members of the band are originally from Toronto, Canada, and they frequently use YouTube to share their music.