3 Levels of Online Marketing for Musicians



Below you can see portals for your online music marketing. There are sites through which you can make your music better known on the Internet and earn money with your music. Like how digital marketing Manchester help businesses promote their services and products online, your music marketing strategy should be linked to these three areas, as seen in the figure, in order to bring you lasting success.

1. Creating Awareness

To make your music better known, you must first publish it on important music sites and services. These include, on the one hand: video platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube and radio stations such as AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, or Spotify. On the other hand: music services like Soundcloud.

If you are represented here, the first music fans can become aware of you. The more elaborate, expensive but professional alternative to create attention for your music is to hire a music promoter who takes care of radio promotion, for example.

A well-designed record cover or an extraordinary music video increases the attention enormously. The style of the record cover and music video should match the image of your band. With Schwarwel, graphic designer Numerous well-known band covers you will find a detailed conversation about band artwork in the Interview section.

2. Connect with Your Fans

From a technical point of view, it’s easy to connect with the fans. Of course via social networks such as Facebook and Co., as well as music blogs such as spin.de. But in order for people to be interested in your music and to stay in the conversation, you need an interesting story about your band or music. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd. This can be, for example, a rousing band Bio, your special style, or a newly created music genre. Let your imagination run wild and create something extraordinary.


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3. Encourage Purchase

So that music lovers can also buy your fan articles or your song, you should be represented on well-known platforms such as iTunes or Musicload. For merch and ticket sales, simply choose the page you like best among the numerous providers. Before you decide on a provider, you should compare their conditions. The commissions that flow to the providers are very different. A provider comparison is worthwhile and saves you a lot of money later.

Band homepage: The central point of contact

The band homepage should be the central point of contact for fans. This is where all activities should be bundled. An important tool for the band homepage is the newsletter. Because what happens if Facebook deletes your Facebook page? (Yes, Facebook is allowed to do this without giving reasons).

Then you are cut off from one of the most important communication channels in one fell swoop and start from scratch. So try to get as many fans as possible in the band newsletter. It will be worth it. And not only because you can sleep better with it