Basic Rhythms You Need Before Learning An Instrument

Tempo is the music’s speed or pulse. Fast tempos are typically exciting, while slower tempos can have a calming effect. The rhythm is how the tempo is divided into individual pulses or beats. In popular music, it typically consists of a repeating 4-bar pattern containing 8 beats (or 16 quarter notes), commonly referred to as a “bar”.

A visual representation of the rhythm can be created by staff notation, and/or conventional musical notation methods.

More Connected to Music

The pitch in music is very important. There are certain tones in songs that make us feel specific emotions, and pitch is what gives us those feelings.

Creating that Unique Feel

This is what making every song or music have unique characteristics. If you may not notice it, it is also the same reason why we are occasionally associating a certain event or mood to a certain song or music every time we hear it.