The Impacts Of Digitization On The Musicians And Music Industry

Digital technologies have revolutionized various industries, the music industry is one too. While digitization has brought in a lot of challenges in the music industry and for the musicians, we cannot deny that there have been a lot of positive changes as well.

This is both a positive and negative aspect of digitization. When it is easy to obtain music more people come forward to download and stream music. Anyone can listen to music anywhere and store their favorite songs and playlists in the cloud. The smartphone assistants can then recommend more songs based on the tracks frequently listened to. On the whole, the music consumption experience is now a lot better than ever before. So artists get the recognition they need and it is also easy for them to work on increasing their popularity. Artists do not have to worry about finding a great studio or spending a huge amount on processing and editing the music. There are convenient tools that can be used on smartphones and computers to edit and upload music on the internet, in a jiffy. So the whole process has become less expensive and more convenient for the musicians. One other benefit is that online music trends have made it easy to collaborate with artists around the world. Forming a band is simple and getting the band to perform together is even simpler.

With the digitization of the music files, one doesn’t have to worry about losing the file or deterioration of the quality of the recording over time. This was the constant fear of musicians who had their tracks recorded on CDs and other such physical storage devices. With a digital copy, there can easily be multiple copies created on multiple devices. There is also the option of storing them in the cloud storage spaces to be able to access them from anywhere. And the online streaming databases allow artists to secure their tracks permanently. The quality of the recording can also be kept intact.

An increase in piracy is because of the ease of obtaining music. Now that there are multiple channels, multiple tools that allow real-time recording of media files directly from the internet there are many leaked versions of the songs affecting the performance of the albums.

Social media also has a strong role to play in the music industry. Good and bad reviews on social media can have a huge impact on the way a track performs or the type of reputation an artist earns. This has raised the benchmarks. This has also made it easy to manipulate the audience. So real talent sometimes gets shrouded by the teams that do their marketing smartly.

When there was a physical copy one had to create another physical copy to be able to share or leak a file that otherwise needs to be purchased. But now, sharing media files can happen with absolute ease which has further increased piracy. But the increasing trend of online music streaming is one of the many ways to address piracy issues.

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