A second full-length album by Murmansk-based AL-90 with the participation of Prochor Spurv and GNTH
 - a tree of nowaday music from Russia that has already received the name of the post-house or tape-house. 
It's like almost original house compositions of 90s, with bass organ and kinda impudent groove, vocal 
influxes and romance of semi-empty dancefloors, under the thundering single strobe and the up-to-that-date 
4/4 beats or tracks of Russia's Shura, scratched from the story of years - jammed, dusty, faded like an
 old film or a Polaroid shot. And all this is permeated with Russia and something Russian, something 
that some use to joke at, some do rap about it, and someone just feels and loves all this weird, wild
 and living reality.