Broads – Hellas

Ok, so here we go with the first thing in our Fuselab Fam Collection – a place for Fuselab’s friends’ music and art.

Hellas is the second album by Norwich, UK-based artist Broads. Broads is the solo project of James Ferguson – Hellas was recorded at home and out on location in Norfolk with help from Mark Jennings, Milly Hirst and Anna Knowles.

“Following up from Broads’ promising Care And Handling EP, Hellas is a decent, if relatively short and somewhat confused album on Russian imprint Fuselab.
As the title suggests, opening track Minim is minimalist electronica but brings to mind Max Richter’s The Blue Notebooks. Soft Homo hints at Mogwai’s soundtrack work on Zidane and Les Revenants. Broadcast come to mind with the spooky Sometimes I Feel Like A Bad Dad, whilst Paris Garters is indie, like British Sea Power with a drum machine.
Soul Taps is reminiscent of Jon Hopkins, particularly his work with King Creosote. The title track is the only real letdown, being a short, bass drone that could be built up to a full song. The sample in Straight Up Tea House is the kinda thing Public Service Broadcasting use but here it is mated to music that recalls Tour de France era Kraftwerk. Broads describes his music as “whispering folk drone”. Only closing track Kit Party really fulfils that brief.
With the exception of the too brief title track, everything on here is good. Broads deserves credit for not being tied to one sound but this isn’t cohesive. Maybe he is trying to find his own identity. When he finds it, I think we’ll be hearing something very special indeed.”
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Recorded and mixed by James Ferguson
Synths on 02, 07 by Mark Jennings
Vocals on 03 by Milly Hirst and Anna Knowles
Mastered by FMSAO
Photography by Hoavi

Available on a CDr + photo booklet, a limited edition grey cassette and in digital.




01. Minim
02. Soft Homo
03. Sometimes I Feel Like I’m a Terrible Dad
04. Paris Garters
05. Soul Taps
06. Hellas
07. Straight Up Tea House
08. Kit Party

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