VS – Save Our Sounds

6th Passage full-length album – “Save Our Sounds ” by Ukrainian music band VS. 9 unique tracks, filled with the spirit of experimental electronica and ghetto-futurism, deep structures and psychedelic atmosphere in best traditions of urban dub.
VS best known as VzyalSoundSystem is a Kiev-based Ukrainian electronic unit formed in early 2000 by “dub addicted” SKP Records head and sound producer Serge Dubrovsky aka Dubmasta and Eugene Stolbow known as iBad, sophisticated vinyl connoisseur, sound producer and synths collector. Inspired by Jamaican roots music and dub science the band produced 5 studio albums and a bunch of EP’s, mixtapes and bootlegs. They keep performing and DJing as also regularly participate in various international collaborations and remixing projects. VS is a kind of aerial ambience featuring trippy echoes and delays mixed with eclectic beats and glitchy samples from deserted suburbs, if you ask about sounding.
“Save Our Sounds” album was recorded using mostly analogue equipment mixed with loads of enviromental recordings and rich natural sonic textures. This album also features some additional production by Ukrainian electronic scene veterans Alexey Mikryukov aka King Imagine, Aleksandr Kohanovsky aka Pankifared, Aleksandr Vasiliev aka KLP52142 & Kirill Machinsky aka Roots Controlla.

01. Look How Vast
02. Crab Island
03. Pancake Meltdown
04. Suspended Mode
05. Who’s Real
06. The Wellwet Season
07. Tren En Marcha (Extended)
08. Sleep If U Can
09. Tridub

Release is available for free in 192 kbps MP3. HI-Q lossless version can be purchased via

Download > Archive.org / Sonic Squirrel