Niekto – Lictina

That’s it – the 13th issue. 13 parts of dreaded black-and-white cartoon titled “Lictina” from our Ukrainian friend Maxim Kiritchenko aka Niekto. However do not panic, just make it out carefully; Maxim has a wonderful sense of humor and “Lictina” is just a great winter story. Dark, but very alive.
Maxim is not only a musician but also a painter, poet and photographer. Many of his works have become the basis of our releases’ design elements. You can also watch Maxim’s foto and painted scenes in our Media section. Enjoy your travels.

Cover by Maxim Kiritchenko

01. Zorilin
02. Cotin
03. And So
04. Burgo
05. Lictinina
06. What
07. Mii
08. Magi The Great
09. Ginga
10. Karimba
11. Kalipla
12. Messa
13. Sikling

Total playing time: 00:37:51

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