Lazzich – 360 Kh

A vast ocean full of warmth, tranquillity and incredible depth. Round the clock and over all dimensions this unique space displays many different types of matter in a perfect circle: hours and years, dreams and familiar yards, directions, silence and a little endlessness. This balanced set of micro beats, straight pulsations and smooth analog buzz perfectly corresponds to a shiny and bright almost summer evening soundtrack.

Artwork by Sasha Sementsev.

01. Epinweek
02. Autumn Day
03. Down
04. T1
05. Coloured Suns
06. Vkalipt
07. Pink Flower (Ambient Version)
08. Dwor
09. Karmayoniz
10. Solitude
11. Chistie Ludi
12. Mechti O Shezlongah

Total playing time: 01:06:11

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