Gaston Arevalo – Marea

Our fourth release is ready to flow. Let us start a long diving trip together with young uruguanian multidisciplinary artist Gastón Arévalo (already known for his Thinner appearance). New album called “Marea” full of organic aesthetics and profound atmosphere is simply a perfect scuba machine. Natural landscapes translated into digital sonic reality, smooth covering environment and obscure all-surrounding matter – all is contained in this brand new selection. There are many things to say but incomparably more to listen and even to watch this time. Gastón is a visual artist too, so he included a little collection of beautiful pictures which accompany each tune on “Marea”. These pictures are generated by code and built upon existing algorithms of nature. Check the visual subfolder. All in all a stirring package for sure.

01. Marea
02. Hielo Norte
03. Latitud
04. Bosque
05. Dive -3
06. Delta
07. Maritim
08. Nebular

Total playing time: 00:43:46

Download > / Sonic Squirrel

You can also download “Marea” visual set here.