Koett – Fuselab Podcast 6

The next issue of Fuselab podcast by Krasnodar-based artist Koett aka Alexander Tochilkin

Some of the most pleasing and important work done in Russian electronica over the last few years has come from Krasnodar, located in the nation’s (sunny) south. One of the key players in that scene has been Alexander Tochilkin, who has moved through a number of ensembles since 2005. Since Mr. Tochilkin is now starting a new – fourth – project, he offers us a very brief and pragmatic snapshot of his prior career. “2005-2012: a member of Modul. 2007-2012: a member of Feldmaus. 2010-2012: a member of WOLS.” As we can see, everything apparently comes to an end in 2012 – and so we have the new enterprise: Koett.

01. Dublicator – Them Hear
02. Modul – Over The Dew
03. Alexxei N Nig – Wings Of Freedom
04. Milkman – Vitalizer
05. Mr. Bizz – Green Man
06. Marko Fuerstenberg – Falling Leaves
07. Monkey Mafia – Cruciate (Ligament Dub)
08. Dimm B – Auxiliary Output
09. Lankov – Afterdark (Frunk29 Remix)
10. Taron Trekka – Noo Sun
11. Jesus Dominguez – Decadenza
12. Pacific Blue – Industry (Rrose Remix)
13. Koett – You Are Where
14. tINI – Triptease
15. Feldmaus – The Sky Turned (feat. Imachi Akira)

Cover by Evgeny Shchukin
Dutarion: 01:04:42

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