Markus Guentner – Passage 12 – Podcast

The next Passage podcast is presented by the famous German musician Markus Guentner. In 00s Markus released a plenty of unique releases on such strongholds of vanguard electronic scene as Kompakt and Ware. In 2008, together with the MTV broadcaster Markus Kavka, Guentner founded a new project called M2 and recently returned to the scene with a luxurious ambient EP “Learn How To Love Me”, written jointly with Heiko Badje. No need to list all the merits of this artist: Markus Guentner is truly a veteran of electronic scene. Dive, hurray!

01. Aitokaiku – Verhot3
02. Chris mcnamara – Sleeping Car, Shunting Yard
03. Shuttle 358 – Tank
04. Markus Guentner – Keep Your Eyes Closed
05. The American Dollar – Starscapes2
06. Klimek – Sunrise
07. Kevin Shields – Goodbye
08. Hammock – When The Sky Pours Down Like A Fountain
09. Bvdub – Lest You Forget
10. Dettinger – Therefore
11. Markus Guentner – In Moll 2
12. Popnoname – Nightliner
13. Markus Guentner feat. La Grande Illusion – Baghira
14. The Sight Below – Shimmer

Cover by Markus Guentner
Duration: 01:00:28

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