Deepeople – Urban Old Tunes

A classic deep techno/house EP from Deepeople – a family group, consisting of 3 people – Alexander Shishov (Fieldfunk), Maria Shishova (Maryaudio) and Dmitriy Kondratiev (Epicman) – from Stavropol city, the Northern Caucasus, Russia. These guys are participants of city’s Die Sekte musical and promo team, famous for it’s parties, DJs and DE SE house project (check their “The Cold Sand” EP on Pro-Tez Records).

Having a great desire, similar tastes and views of life they started writing electronic music together and finally began Deepeople, bringing their first big EP for Fuselab. “Urban Old Tunes” speaks for itself – 7 solid tracks of deepest house music with a lo-fi tape touch, firm groove and smooth vibe suitable for a late night gathering somewhere in the underground. You will find numerous quotes of disco, funk, vocal-pop and italo mounted into the vintage post-futuristic basement. And it’s all urban indeed.

01. Ghost Of Marvin
02. House Music
03. Derrick May
04. Paper In My Head
05. Chicken Space
06. Today Love Pt. 1
07. Today Love Pt. 2

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