WOLS – Observer Kid

Second longplayer by one of Fuselab co-founders WOLS. 14 tunes of different styles including dancy rave and house gems, chilly audio poems and various cuts of modern bass electronica. You will find collaborations with Saint-Petersburg’s Monokle and Walder, Krasnodar-based WOLS’s brothers in arms Koett and Diem and some more on “Observer Kid”. This album, recorded in a plenty of places during 2011-2014, is a kind of a compilation representing what WOLS is, so the name of the thing speaks for itself.

By the way the landscape on the cover is a crappy 00’s 3D model generated by the author himself during the school time and a bit processed over 10 years later. The sketches of some tracks are also done many years ago, reconfigured and mixed for this album then.


01. Chukovsky
02. Qlisa (feat. Walder)
03. Icy-Orby
04. Glassdown (with Crystal Creal)
05. Aliz
06. 0 DATA (with Crystal Creal)
07. Fat Mermaid Blues, Rat Ritual Cycle (feat. Diem)
08. Mousetrap Season Boundary ’00 (feat. Monokle)
09. Notto (feat. Age 5)
10. Blind and Furious
11. Try Sacred (feat. Koett)
12. Asiuplift (with Crystal Creal)
13. Once Ane Went Plastic
14. Utroah

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