Summer Of Haze – Jessica

“This is a dream album by Tambov’s ethereal hero Summer Of Haze.
This is Jessica. Jessica is always waiting for you on the beach. With a bong. With a perfect smile. As smooth as you can imagine.
This is weedwave. It’s all about Yo and Om together. It’s like laughing sadly at the void. It’s like just being here without illusive perfection. it’s raw, emotional and hopeful. As life is at it’s lows, the basics.
This is something just to feel and move ruining the stereotypes and passing all the mind tricks by.
This is the core of Summer Of Haze, the spirit. Yes, it’s simple, joyful and outgiving. It’s honest.”

“Jessica” is also available as limited edition colorful cassette tape.

Jessica Tape

BandCamp digital purchase comes with bonus items – an unheard disco-driven slow rave tune and two “Jessica” hi-res themes.

01. Autumn ∞ Harvest ∞ Happiness
02. Hey Jessica, I Rolled A Joint
03. Ice Cube
04. Олдовые Найки
05. Sensi Sensi
06. Super Crystal Track
07. Miss Ya
08. Twilight
09. Before I Sleep
10. Celestial
11. 8∆by Kush
12. Weedwave
13. Jessy Is Always Out Of Reach
14. ∆nthem Of Haze
15. Swinging Leaf Marijuana
16. Thx

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