Slow – Don’t Be Afraid Of Horrors

Well, this time we return a bit to our deep roots – true ambient music and spiritual soundscape voyages. And of course here comes Slow aka Sergey Suokas – our old (probably the oldest one) friend and key artist, known to the world by his techno, downbeat and firm ambient works for a plenty of labels, movie foundations, visual exhibitions and even more, not to mention his releases on our label.
So here’s a 8-track masterpiece of pure organic, living and mind-expanding ambient music. Live instrumentals, field recordings, deep layers and multi-color layers… Mental, imaginary, soothing, profound, heart-opening… Ah, may we not speak this time? Honestly, this is the exact case of an old Chinese wisdom: “one picture is worth more than a thousand words”.
So just try not to check your e-mails, tweets, chronicles, newsfeeds, play/pause, etc for a short period of your life, ok? Really, we’d be honored if you put everything aside, lie down and listen. An old good “listen”! Simple as that – gold.

Cover by Igor Fedoseev aka Yayati.

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