Scale – Go On A Bat, Accordion

A debut EP by Sergey Galunenko’s aka Galun alias Scale. Galun is already known to our auditory as an advanced beatboxer with his recent EP “Meltwith Myvoice” where he shows his firm approach to making music entirely with only his voice. This time Galun shows his other side – an electronic one.
So for this kind of sounding he started Scale. Basically it could be described as some kind of juke though not those raw classical dance ghetto-things. It’s also “advanced” combining a lot of acoustic, textural layering and even folk elements with fast rhythms and bass drive.

Cover by Igor Fedoseev aka Yayati.

01. Feel White
02. Ode To Joy
03. Come Over
04. Hot Plow
05. I’ll Take U Away
06. Raga

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