Clapan – Telemetria

So, we are pleased to announce, that after many months of hard work, the new full-length album by Clapan aka Denis Korsunsky (also known as Information Ghetto) saw the light. TELEMETRIA – a unique “collection” on which Dennis worked for the past year and a half. An explosive mixture of techno, electro, dub, ambient, IDM and other futuristic incarnations of modern electronic music. 11 full tracks will turn your space-time continuum into an intricate kaleidoscope, full of subtle emotional nuances and mysterious set of parts whose purpose is not always clear at first sight while listening. All this is a result of the work of true master.

Clapan is a developer of many technologies for sound synthesis and live performances, for example, unusual tools for NI Reaktor, which were even reviewed by Digi Design at that time. Back in the mid-90’s Dennis has created a virtual lab for creating music in real time based on an ordinary PC. This and many other things he teaches students in Spektral audio school, founded by him.

This person does not just make electronic music – he creates his own worlds, diverse, vibrant, full of unexpected reincarnations, black holes, rainbows of all colors and sizes and any metamorphosis, which only your imagination can dare. All this you can hear the new album by Dennis – TELEMETRIA. As usual, the album includes two songs together with Modul (also known as WOLS today), which further expanded the stylistic and sonic boundaries of TELEMETRIA. The artwork has been provided by our longtime colleague, the “different countries-based” artist – Sasha Sementsev.

Meet and boldly go into this amazing journey with Clapan and Fuselab. TELEMETRIA is one of the most solid works ever released on our resource without a doubt!

01. Time Relay
02. The Back Of Silence
03. Manipulation
04. Old-Cool Support
05. Korablik
06. Smooth Interface
07. Poopkah (w/ WOLS)
08. Pianot
09. Optomoto (w/ Modul)
10. Windia
11. Question To The Atom

Release is available in all major online stores around >