Modul – How To Play

Right after “How To EP” series Passage / Fuselab team proudly presents “How To Play” – a new full-length album by Modul.

This time you will find first-class melodic electronica – warm analog passages, frames, vintage soundtracks and subtle rhythmic mosaic. The album has rich emotional coloring and a special atmosphere typical to the sound of Modul. In “How To Play” enveloping soundscapes and deep low-frequency waves are interwoven with precise digital ripple and machine symmetry. Polygonal riffs, soft synth lines and deep atmospheric, linen blend harmoniously with fragments of surrounding noise, microscopic fragments of voices and live instruments, vintage clicks and crackles – all this forms a bizarre multi-colored pattern.
Stylistic ingredients are diverse – from abstract ambient sketches and clicks’n’cuts to 2-step-oriented rhythms, trip-hop and electronic lounge. The exact wording is difficult to deduce, but overall the album can be described as a collection of contemporary emotional post-electronics.

The original cover design has been made by Sasha Sementsev in his authentic style, perfectly matching the music of Modul.

01. 504 Days
02. Catch The Noon
03. Light Bullets
04. Beauty Among The Runners
05. Wait Up
06. Professional Bird Chasers
07. Romma Bree
08. Fallen Scarves
09. Hidden (Album Version)
10. Moon Slaves
11. Plus To Minus Two
12. Sun Police
13. Haze, Faraway Beacon

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