Stereo Silence – Take A Look At

The first Passage Extra release. Fresh stylistic forms, rhythmic electronica, post-rock blends and various chill vibes – that’s Passage Extra. Meet!

Well, “Take A Look At” EP from our new friend Stereo Silence. Alex recorded a wonderful mini-album filled with familiar echoes, neo-romantic mood and special fresh spirit. The release will appeal to all lovers of Apparat, Mujuice and Kettel – Alex admits that their music has made a certain influence on Stereo Silence’s sounding.

Alex calls his style Cut & Paste – whether it is due to the abundance of sampled acoustic loops, 8-bit inserts or some modular rhythmic constructions, you decide. But in general, “Take A Look At” is a good excuse to postpone a couple of cases and to pay attention to what is happening in the next window or just in front or you, if the stream of Stereo Silence suddenly caught up with you on the road.

Artwork by Maria Ustinova.

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01. Shore Song
02. Scars On Stars
03. Space Milk!
04. Crystal Ocean
05. Trees Song
06. Moonlight & Birds
07. Flying Stones

Total playing time: 00:23:20

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