Marziale – Dirty Sound 11/12

Yeah so we know that those beats-bombing times are a bit gone but here’s what we found in Naples recently. “Dirty sound 11/12” by a guy standing by the name of Guido Marziale is a little collection of DIY beats recorded in Naples in 2011-2012 by himself. 
So what touched us – it’s really authentic. Just as it is – raw, simple, free-conducted and just like “felt out”. No additional production made, all this raw and original as it came. It seemed really “human-like” for us really, so that’s why we fell in love with Marziale and this tiny pack. Hope everyone feels that while listening to “Dirty Sound 11/12”, especially to that ethereal “Overdrive Blues”.

Cover by Andrea Sposito.

01. Luft
02. A Beat From Fantastic Planet
03. Overdrive Blues
04. The Voder
05. Meanwhile Y
06. NoDoub 

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