Maguett – Mediawind

Brand new Moscow’s Maguett LP “Mediawind”. All tracks, considering words of the author – Dmitry Drozdov, are like architectural objects representing one’s own vision in a certain real form – in this case Maguett’s tunes are representing audial and sensual, “felt” images from the inside of the deepest lows of his personality and imagination.
The base is just mixed-up haunted electronica of 00’s refreshed with a variety of samples and live synth parts. The music is soothing, deep and all in all “chill” but still not cheesy or over-sweet. Low-tempo beats, meditative, sometimes dark though not scaring atmospheres, micro twists, all in a certain minimalistic form – with no over-production or excess elements.
The name “Mediawind” speaks for itself – it’s a kind of a collage squeezed out of a nowadays person’s mind, which is occasionally full of scattered media pieces taken from everywhere and processed through a personal angle. In Dmitry’s case it’s all a bit cloudy, foggy, nearly black-and-white. So “Mediawind” is certainly more an image rather than a story or a function, and furthermore sometimes it’s even an image of the image.

01. Milk Shake
02. Criminal Locals Of My Brain
03. Light Day’s Firm
04. I Wanna Know
05. Medium
06. Blackoshid (Media Wind Come Back)
07. Inks
08. Mering (Let’s Get Out Or Even Stopping Here)
09. Gradient

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