Soosh – Soosh

Fuselab is about to drop the debut EP from a young producer from Glasgow / UK – Soosh. Juicy, warm and deep sound with plenty of microscopic details and soothing mental rhythm, lyric mood of a summer evening and crumbling crystals of subtle percussion – all this forms a little “big” world of Soosh.
Soosh aka Soroosh Khavari was born in Iran, escaping to Scotland fleeing persecution when a year old with his family. Taking a year out from his job as a dentist, Soosh went travelling and found his niche in BC / Canada. Armed with a tape recorder, sampler, couple of synthesizers and and an overflowing heart, there he finally managed to finish his first works.
The fruit of Soosh souning is a kind of melodic abstract syrup with good admixture of hip-hop and intricate soul. Infatuated with complex textures, floating rhythms and all post-post Soroosh (his name seems to be rustling itself) invites us to break from all the swag and boom-boom wonk-dom.
The release also includes a great remix by the talented beatmaker from Essex / UK – Lapalux, who recently released his superb debut tape “Many Faces Out Of Focus” on Pictures Music label.
Sit back, relax, dance…

01. Rainbow Hiccups
02. Bayan
03. Fragments Remain
04. Bramhall Waits
05. Friday Feelings
06. Missed You Tonight
07. Rainbow Hiccups (Lapalux Remix)

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