AEED – Titles

A new stunning album by AEED, a pretty huge beat-machine to rock the whole future sonic hop-folks crowd.

“All bleeps, stuttering kicks and misplaced snares, this Tessin-based (Switzerland) bad man is something very unique. His loose Rap is strongly influenced by 8bit music and videogame soundtracks, but at the same time, Pop and spaced-out Dub are important, too. If computers could die from karōshi, their elegy would be an AEED tune.”

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That’s it, hope you enjoy!

01. Ciao
02. Through The City
03. Radio Galaxia
04. Electricity Part 2
05. Psychedelic March
06. Another Place Another Space
07. Microcosmos
08. Unknown Dilemma
09. Green Rolls
10. Pseudorandom Numbers
11. Adventures In Bodolandia
12. Aliens On Drugs
13. Under The Alps
14. Bedroom Clock
15. Magic Train
16. Orbitrip No Meta
17. Children Of The Sun
18. Travelling People
19. What
20. Credits

You can purchase a lossless version direclty viaor proceed with HI-Q MP3s below.

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