Hmot – Oneirology

As the term ‘oneirology’ refers to the study of dreams, here’s an attempt of reconstructing the byzantine logic of sleep musically. Produced with out-of-date software and equipment, heavily processed through tape recorders and lo-fi filters, these seven tracks showcase Hmot’s take on psychedelic deep house and noisy, textured soundscapes. Half-remembered sounds from the past merge with thoughts of the future – in the middle of nowhere. Reality and fantasy keep changing places, quietly yet constantly.

Artwork design by Roma Lyubimov
Character design by Julia Meowlia
3D-modelling by Alexander Peschansky
Special thanks to Dasha Guseva

01. Saccades
02. Pequeninho
03. Tartu
04. Somniloquist
05. Arcadia
06. Golba
07. Xypniste

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