Feldmaus – Places

2014 longplayer by our 1/2 founder and (hm) Evgeny Shchukin aka Feldmaus/WOLS. Ambient, lo-fi electronica, tape stuff, field recordings, etc featuring co-ops with Monokle, Copper Beard, Galun, Imachi Akira (Japan). Free!

Track 1 field recordings by Corsica Ess, licensed under CC BY 3.0 via freesound.org

01. Kupanie Krasnogo Konya
02. Burn (w/ Monokle)
03. Poteplenie
04. Sol’ i Spark
05. White (w/ Copper Beard)
06. Rasti (w/ Galun)
07. Two of Us (in Three Parts)
08. Daily Tigerthought
09. Vastpast (w/ Imachi Akira)
10. A Sudden Pearl Rain Brings Peace Over the Middle-East

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