Deef – Moist Autobiogaphy

So this time our free gold series is represented by Dimitrij Deef from Vienna (BTW originally from Russia).
This is a real trippy shroom-melt pack of glitchy ambient, wisely manipulated noises, multy-layered patterns and so on – all to reach one of those high states of sonic delight. We’d say it’s just a “hacked silence”.
So 5 real psychedelic and out-of-this-world tunes to continue the summer hole.
Cover made by Deef himself and yes it perfectly shows what’s going on there in this humble “Autobiography”.
And what’s more this time we drop it in 24bits for all those who want to capture all the tiny details of which “Moist Autobiography” is toughly loaded.

Keep it zen.

01. Something Is Brewing
02. Bei Kalkutta Auf Unserem Lieblingsfestival
03. Peaceful Melting On Shrooms
04. Ungeplantes, Hochdramatisches Liebesdreieck Dann Entweder Oder
05. Mhh Mh

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