Broads – Care & Handling

The second work by our Norwich/UK-based friend James Ferguson aka Broads.


“Care & Handling contains 5 tracks, and clocks in around 21 minutes. It’s a bit less stark overall than the Broads album, maybe a bit more ‘coloured-in’ but still slow, undulating lo-fi for the most part. With occasional electronics. I was lucky enough to enlist the various talents of Owen Turner (Magoo), Anna Knowles (The Middle Ones) and Justine Mann during the recording process, and they each add their own individual sparkle to the whole affair.”

Photography by Rose Kemmy
Vocals on “Be In Lines” by Anna Knowles
Cornet on “Be In Lines” by Owen Turner
Vocals on “Care & Handling” by Justine Mann
Everything else by James Ferguson, Norwich, Spring 2014

This release is also available as CD with 16 page booklet designe by Rose Kemmy. You can buy it together with free or name-your-price download of the EP.

Broads CD

01. Sloe Foresting
02. Be In Lines
03. Care And Handling
04. In The Sink Locale
05. Don’t Flow

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