AL-90 – CODE915913

A solid post-house thing from Murmansk permeated with something truly Russian.

“Entitled CODE-915913, the record is set to feature a sizable collection of the Russian artist’s “post/tape-house” constructions, which usually bury a series of ’90s-referencing melodies, re-pitched samples, and a sluggish four-on-the-floor beneath a bed of murky textures.”

Available on a limited edition grey cassette.




01. Efimernaya Nenavist’
02. Zavualirovanniy Signal (with GNTH)
03. Experienced Girl
04. Melancholia Staroy Pornozvezdy (with Spurv)
05. Vectornaya Eyforia
06. Radicalnye Tanzi (with GNTH)
07. Samoudovletvoris’ Suka
08. Smena Stadiy
09. F – Bio Booster Armor (AL-90 Remix) 02:26
10. Pandora 9.0
11. Tvoya Pesnya (with Spurv)
12. 913
13. Ona Hochet Eshe (with Suprv)
14. Arevuar

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