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3 New Features in Wireless Earbuds

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First came the wired earphones. The ability to go hands-free to pick calls as well as to listen to music was fascinating. And then there has been no turning back. The 3.5mm jack became a mandatory port in most electronic devices. So all you had to do was to purchase a pair of earphones or headphones of any brand, shape, and size and plug it into the 3.5mm jack. Then came the enhanced versions with extra bass or those with noise isolation abilities and other perks.  if you have plan to buy a new wireless earbuds for yourself,  check these guys out to read a well-explained guide about top wireless earbuds in the market.

While all this was happening there was another new trend that slowly became popular and that is the use of Bluetooth and IR (infra-red) technology to establish communication between the earphones and the device transmitting the sound. These are available as chords that can be worn around the neck or with a neckband.

Though we call them wireless earphones they are not wireless literally. That is why the wireless earbuds created a storm. These stay true to the name and there is no chord anywhere in the design. We are not new to the concept of earbuds. Mono earbuds to make calls have existed for ages. They come with a powerful microphone and great sound quality as well. People who have to pick while they are outdoor or while driving can conveniently use them to make calls. But when it comes to listening to music this fall behind. So the concept of wireless earbuds slowly gained momentum. Popular brands have set new trends by introducing earbuds that simply stick into your ears without any chords and without any hassle.

Though some of the earbuds were criticised for their design this came as a lesson for the other brands and now a lot has changed. There are some sleek looking earbuds which connect through the latest Bluetooth technology. So, with these earbuds in your ears, you are sure to experience absolute freedom. Do you already own a pair of these wonderful accessories? If not, this is the right time to choose as the market is flooding with so many new variants with a lot of new and cool features:

Wireless Pairing and Wireless Charging

Some of the brands have already incorporated easy wireless charging in their earbuds. The way you charge them and the type of wireless charger being used would vary. But they are still much more convenient than having to plug them into the charging port with charging cables. Some allow charging with the help of the carry case available for the earbuds. So the moment you place them in the respective carry case the earbuds would be charged. And some of them can simply be charged with standard wireless charging pads. This means that when you have more than one device to charge at the same time, you can achieve that without any trouble. The wireless earbuds and the other wireless charging compatible devices could all simply be placed on one charging pad and you are good to go. Some of the earbuds also come with fast charge option and are known to be battery efficient. So with a few minutes of charging you can use them for hours together. These are ideal for the users who use their earbuds every day for a long duration.

NFC Pairing for Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth and NFC or near field communication are two very similar technologies.

The problem with NFC is that it works within a very short range. The problem with Bluetooth is that pairing takes a slightly longer duration than NFC and there are a few steps involved to establish the connection even between paired devices. But with NFC the connection link can instantly be launched. So we now find the market filled with Bluetooth earbuds with NFC compatibility. This ups the ante by blending the best of both the worlds. So you get quicker pairing and better range. The transmission speeds are low on NFC. So for the transmission and the retention of the link Bluetooth would still be used. NFC simply comes into the picture for the pairing part. So you simply have to ensure that you have earbuds and smartphones or other gadgets with NFC compatibility. Then by tapping them, you would be able to create the communication link.

Wearable technology incorporated

The wearable technology has been identified as a boon in the field of healthcare. Most of us use wearable technology in the form of fitness bands that allow us to track the steps or heart rate. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to this technology. And now we find wireless earbuds putting it to good use and giving a more practical and beneficial design. There are many wireless earbuds that come with heart rate monitor. By allowing you to go fully chord free with the freedom from chords between the phone and the earbuds as well as between the left and right earbuds these are perfect for those who are looking for a pair to use during sports. If you add heart rate tracking to this convenience you get something that is very practical. Thus you would be able to find an ideal companion that motivates you to stay active. Whether it is for the morning jog or to use during your workout sessions you would have the perfect pair of wireless earbuds. With the annoyance of the tangling of the chords being skipped you have the perfect answer for a pair of earphones that truly grab and go. before moving forward, read the popular guide about wireless earbuds at Pollowers. read more

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